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December 11, 2006



Funny you write this today... I was at Henry Cowell Park today at the ancient redwood grove (my church) and as I was sitting, listening to the sounds of the forest, the loudest most prominent sound I heard was the hum of a buzzsaw. I looked up at those magnificent towering trees, some of which have been standing for thousands of years and felt such shame. Ugh.

Regina Clare Jane

Aw... I'm so sorry, Becky. What a shock that must have been. It's terrible when nature has to compete with our industrial world-we all know who the winner will be.
Thanks for your very kind thoughts today as well... you're such a sweetie.


A devastating sight I am sure. I would have cried too! So sad! So unfair! I always feel bad for the birds that live in the city with minimal tree's and greenery. I wonder-Do they know there are such beautiful places to live? That they don't have to make a telephone pole home? Maybe thay like the city? My husband think's I'm nuts! lol.....

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