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January 24, 2007



It probably seems silly and irrelevant to mention this, but in college my wife (then my girlfriend) went through a phase of dirt-eating. For a few weeks one spring she "craved dirt," and would occasionally eat a handful.

I know that's not what you mean by "eating close to the earth" or "pulling energy from the earth," but you can see, I hope, why that old memory of my wife's temporary dirt-eating habit popped to mind.


I have the biggest "dirt" eating grin on my face right now. thanks for sharing that!

Regina Clare Jane

I have had trouble falling asleep lately, and my spiritual counselor asked me to put some fresh flowers on my nightstand. She said to smell them and look at them and touch them, because flowers are spiritual. I think it goes with just how spiritual our mother earth is as well, and when we connect to her and her energy, it does make us feel different about ourselves!
Thanks for posting about this Becky! Can't wait to hear mor!

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