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March 17, 2007


Karen Beth

Sounds blissful. Thanks for sharing. :)

Regina Clare Jane

Wow- it sounds like a wonderful time! I am so glad you found some blissfulness, Becky... I know things have been a little rough lately.
Dancing in public is not one of those things that I can see myself doing anytime soon! I am just so shy and I feel like I have two left feet most of the time! But that's not to say if I didn't have a beautiful partner like you that I wouldn't at least try it!
Hugs, Becky...


I always flirt with buying that DVD from Shiva Rea. I read you need a lot of space to practice it though. I am going to recommend a class like that at our local yoga studio. Sounds like so much fun!


Hi! it's me again! How do you personalize your banner on top with your blog title? I see you update it often... Thanks! hope your well...

Regina Clare Jane

Hey, Becky- just checking in- it's been a while- hope everything is well!


That sounds VERY fun.

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