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April 17, 2007


Bohemian mom

Very interesting post!
I love LOVE the smell of patchouli. I buy it from LUSH all the time.
My soap, shampoo, body lotion.....all in a delicious scent of patchouli.
And try drinking green tea with jasmine. It's delicious and really is great for those bouts with depressing feelings.
Cool blog!


just visiting via BoHo Mom - nice blog here - along with essential oil blend baths - I aspire and seek to create an overlap of the visual and the healing arts - creativityoga... !?!

xox - eb.

Karen Beth

I'm fascinated by aromatherapy and like learning more about it. Thanks for posting this. Hope you get to feeling better! :)


Hope you're feeling better! Thinking of you... xox :)

Regina Clare Jane

I think I need some of that depression remedy! My favorite scent is ylang-ylang... does that have amy aromatherapy properties?
I hope you feel better soon, dear friend... it's no fun to fly when you are sick, that's for sure!


Here's what Victoria lists as properties of ylang ylang: it "regulates cardiac and respiratory rhythms, and soothes anger and physical pain. It acts as an aphrodisiac, a sedative, and a euphoric. Ylang ylang treats frigidity, impotence, depression, insomnia, oily skin, acne, and insect bites."

Regina Clare Jane

Wow- ylang ylang does just about everything! Thanks, Becky!

Maryam in Dhaka

This sounds perfect. I had a friend who had a complete aromatherapy kit. A wooden box that contained about 50 little bottles. This was the first thing she turned to when she was ill. I want one now, too! But no idea where to find such a wonderful thing. ~Sigh.


I found a site that has great information about aromatherapy. That’s so absolutely neat! that's the coolest thing i saw all day! This site has great information about Essential Oils like Pure Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Essential Oils, Essential Oils Skin.
And I now wish you deep rest tonight and a refreshing day tomorrow...!


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