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May 01, 2007


Karen Beth

I have been meaning to start - NEEDING to start - a zazen practice but I really don't know WHERE to start, if that makes any good sense. Any tips for me? Namaste to you today. :)


Thank you Karen Beth! I am fortunate that there is a Zen Temple in Hawaii where I found my teacher. You may want to search for Zen or Zazen in your area and see if there are groups that practice sitting meditation together. and..If you'd like I can send you info for future trainings at Chozen-ji (Zen temple) in Hawaii.

sandra eileen artisan jewelry

I had not heard of zazen, now you have tweaked a new interest in me. Thank you for sharing.

Be well,
Sandra Eileen -


Maryam in Marrakesh

Eeek, 4:30 sounds so early! I do think getting enough sleep is absolutely essential though. You should be in bed by 10!

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