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May 18, 2007


Karen Beth

This all seems so interesting! Why did you go to Japan and how long were you there? Your travels intrigue me! I imagine that food prepared seasonally is amazing. I would like to take a lesson from that! And cabbies with white gloves and suits? Count me in! However, count me OUT of the "squatty potty". I don't think I am graceful or coordinated enough to use something like that. Wow. :)


wow! sounds amazing. we are way behind on toilet technology! hee hee. i've always wanted to go to japan! love your new picture--too cute!
i tagged you! Check my blog!

Regina Clare Jane

We've been to Tokyo- I guess that was 2 or 3 years ago now. My first time, my husband's second. I thought the food was fabulous and beautifully prepared which is something I appreciate immensely. And omigosh- the sushi!
I will say this, however- and did you find this, Becky? First all, I don't know where you were in Japan, but in Tokyo, for being the capital of the country, we found it not very user friendly... the trains were hard to follow because of the lack of English anywhere! People were nice but very hesitant to speak English to us.
The bathrooms in the hotel we stayed out- oh my gosh... incredible! Ours had all kinds of gizmos attached to it- and it even had the option of making a flushing noise even thought you might not have needed to flush at that particular moment! And the mirror above the vanity- when you took a shower, the part over the sink did not fog up so you could see in the mirror!
I do admit though, to being very frightened of an earthquake over there- we were on the 27th floor and I was very scared to sleep at night, wondering how we would survive being so high!
Besides having a dreadful cold, I did love it there, although even with some of the difficulties. The Imperial Palace just made me sad, knowing that the princess was so depressed at the time about not having a boy...
Glad you had such a great time!
Yes, when did you go?


I was in Tokyo 2 years ago, and loved every minute of it. Big city, polite and graceful culture... how can you beat that?

Talking about the squatty potty, I have always loved these kind of toilets. Very soothing to the back, fully stretches the groins and empties the bowel system entirely. Unfortunately, even in Japan, many squatty potties are being replaced by the unhealthy throne. Maybe I'll blog about squatty potty versus the throne very soon :)

Total Health Yoga - Kris

You've sold me!! Japan is now higher on my list of places to go!
I love the squatting toilet. At the risk of sharing too much.... the easiest BM I've ever had was camping on a island and having to dig a hole to "do my business".
Squatting cannot be overrated :-))

As for the being on time, this is very dear to me right now. Just returned from a training where the teacher was last--a lot.... I'm still gathering the words, but will post about it later....

BTW, do you speak Japanese?

Nadine Fawell

Y'know, you can tell a lot about a country from the state of its toilets. Take India: nasty loos, but then people there are used to dealing with a lot of...poop. Japan, clean, efficient, timed. South Africa, where I live: the toilets are hit and miss, much like everything else! Great post, thank you.

Becky (Yogaglamgirl)

Such good points!!! Regina and KB, I was in Japan for 10 days over a week ago. I returned exactly a week ago (on Monday). We went purely for vacation...we love the food, the culture and now have a few friends to visit. My beloved (fiance now, wooo hooo!) speaks enough Japanese to help us along. And we both know a lot about the food. YUM.
Isha, thanks for visiting, I'm on my way to check you out. You and Kris are so right, the squatting down is really good for the body and moving things along. For those who have stubborn and slow digestive systems (like me!) a few good squats can help a LOT. Nadine, I think you're right. Toilets do say a lot about a country. I was in Beijing 20 years ago and was horrified in Tianamen square when I had to lean over a huge fly-infested, stinky hole that was completely exposed to the whole bathroom. I think it traumatized my 10-year-old self. but no worries, i'm over it now. :)


we must be on a similar goofy wave-length because i just posted about some silly toilet stuff too! ;-)

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