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I love exploring modalities that promote balance, harmony, the feminine and getting in touch with my authentic self. This is all the stuff I talk about at the dinner table or read about at night. Rather than ramble incessantly with dinner friends, I decided it might be best to get all these ideas, experiences, lessons and questions out on a blog for other seekers just in case it can provide a little insight. I acknowledge that there are many paths that lead to a healthy and whole life. I hope to meet others at the cross-paths and soak up their truths and successes along the way.


Holistic health, Healing, Nutrition, Bodywork, Zentherapy, Zen, Kado, Japanese Cooking, Japanese Flower Arrangement, Positivity, Shamanism, Native American Medicine, Female, Creativity, Feng Shui, Jewelry Design, Dancing, Nature, Architecture, Spirituality, Art, Design, Coaching, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Gardening, Composting, Organic Food, Zen Gardens