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November 21, 2006


Regina Clare Jane

Whee! A fist fight? Was that before or after your black belt?!
I thought that was a fun meme! Thanks for doing it, Becky!

Susan Bernstein

Thanks for asking about me, Becky. I'm flattered!

Wow...five things about me?

(1) I speak seven different languages -- in order of current ability, from worst to best, those are: Japanese, Hebrew, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, English! : )
(2) I wear one of the smallest shoe sizes known to adults -- 4 1/2 US.
(3) I love to eat warm rice with Vegemite! I've just rediscovered the combo.
(4) I'm a closet artist. Seriously. In my linen closet, I have more art supplies than linens.
(5) The hardest year of work for me was the year that I was a psychotherapist-in-training at an elementary school. I loved the kids, but it was heartbreaking to help them heal from traumas that kids shouldn't have to experience.


I enjoyed this Regina..The fist fight wasn't really something to be proud of...hoping I've matured a bit since then...and my TKD skills were so rusty by then.
Susan, thanks so much for your 5..I had no idea about these! 7 languages! holy crap! ;)


Wow! I am late in responding. sorry!
Okay, lets see....

1. I was a speedskater in my teens (think apollo ono)

2.a gourmet cook

3.Love to go camping

4. obsessed w/podcasts

5. having a premature mid life crisis

Thanks for asking!


What fun! Thanks for sharing your 5 Danielle. :) Any time you feel like cooking in Cali come on over!!!


A fuzzy hat to bed. So cute!

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