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January 20, 2007



Thank you for such a beautiful, heart-felt post about the circle, Becky :)


Are you moving? Or just moving on? Why, and how did you know it was time? Why does it have to come to an end. It sounds wonderful...

Becky (Yogaglamgirl)

It only comes to an end if you can't follow through...I have been having difficulty with the time commitment and realized that the group needed more freqent meetings rather than less in order to let the trust and bonds grow deeper. I am not in a place where I can commit to meeting every other week. When one person (such as me) doesn't show up and if this happens frequently it has a negative impact on the rest of the group. The good news is I'm okay with this..because I really received what I was looking for several months ago with our group. My hope is to continue to grow my friendship with the individuals in the group in my own time. and this feels really good. :)

Regina Clare Jane

I love it, Becky, that you were brave enough to start a group like this... and that you trusted yourself enough to know when it was time to move on. Then you know you have learned something!
You're the best, Becky!


wow...that's cool. I wish I were that in touch with myself. Thanks for being a role-model for me. I would just feel guilty....

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