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February 28, 2007



Patience--that's a hard one for me too. I like to think I run the show, but I'm always brought back to the truth that life is about co-creation--a partnership between me and the Divine Nature of Things. I hope you are feeling better--it's amazing what a little breathing can do! :)

Regina Clare Jane

And just to connect with your last post, Becky- just start again, know that you can begin again, with just a thought.
I am sorry it's been so tough lately- isn't something in retrograde, BTW?


Begin again indeed! :) Yes, mercury has been in retrograde...for any astrologically sensitive folks..


I used to be patient. Really....I was. I can remember it distinctly. Hmmm....it was when...it's all getting a bit hazy now... Sometime, at least ONCE in my life, I was patient, I am quite sure of it. ~sigh.

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