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February 13, 2007


Regina Clare Jane

Go, girl. Just do it.
Daddy said to me before he died, "Don't wait too long..."- I don't know why he said that to me, but I know I was stuck in a huge rut, going nowhere. He was telling me to get on with it- and I have been trying to do that, putting myself out there, manifesting what I want by talking about it- to everybody. I want people to know I am a bodyworker- I connect with people in very intimate ways- and it not only serves them but it helps me.
We do have a higher purpose- what that is for each of us we have to find out. But it sounds to me as if you know already, Becky- you're ready, I can feel it, I can read it in your words.
Take a breath- and just do it...

BTW- love Cupcakes and Yoga!


You are a gem Regina. Thank you for reading and for continually being such a source of support and inspiration!


AMEN!! I feel like your long lost career-twin! I love when you say, "I have begun to tune in to the fact that 'my job' is to be a tool of the universe and to serve others on their respective paths of healing." I really get this and commend you for your courage to step into the unknown. I think for many of us who feel a higher sense of purpose, there is no job-description that exists for us--we are being called to express our unique talents and gifts to the world...You go Yogaglamgirl!!


I swear this appears to be an ongoing theme that keeps popping up everywhere I turn. Must be a sign! :)

Maryam in Marrakesh

Wow. Your job sounds just so amazing and centered!

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