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February 02, 2007



You're in town for Fashion Week? You should check out my yoga studio http://www.levitateyoga.com if you have a chance to squeeze in another class. :)

Regina Clare Jane

I always feel renewed and refreshed after a yoga class! Like I got a good brain and heart washing! I am happy you were able to start over again, as it were... and have fun!


I will definitely have to pay a visit to LevitateYoga on my next trip. Funny how quickly you run out of time on a weekend trip. Thanks for the tip Marilyn.


That sounds like me. The funny thing about it is I am so sure most people feel that way too! There is definitly an artistic, creative side to fashion. The trick is getting passed our ego to witness it fully. It is so commom. We just need to get out of our own way!

Betty Brzuchac

Dear Yogaglamgirl,
Thank you for your kind comments regarding Zentherapy and my website. Actually, the section on Zentherapy was written by Zentherapy practitioner, Michael Trembath, who lives, teaches, and practices bodywork in Sydney, Australia. He has expanded into a modality called Samvahan (don't know if I am spelling this correctly). I am happy that you had an opportunity to experience Zentherapy -- and what an experience it is!!!!

Betty Brzuchac
P.S. Love your website!

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