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March 08, 2007


Regina Clare Jane

I have Bride and Prejudice- it might just do the trick tonight!
What do I do to feel abundance and/or live richly? I just look at my husband...;)
Sounds like you are doing a little better, Becky?


So true--living richly is so much more than having money. When I'm in survival mode and need an abundance reality check I do little luxurious things for myself like get a pedicure or go to a yoga class or make a really nice dinner (I agree about the Farmer's Market--makes me feel so abundant and grateful for Earth's bounty). Also, I just have to look around my house and feel so blessed at my husband's and my ability to be resourceful and creative about how we acquire material things. Great post!


For me lately it's been buying fresh spices for my recipes and chai tea. A really nice cup of chai will do it for me every time.

Also, essential oils. I just put a few drops of lavender & bergamont in a burner and I feel whole and complete.

I used to go shopping when I had a bout with lack, but my how I've evolved......
thanks for the opportunity to reflect. I have been topped off with abundance!

Nadine Fawell

Mmmm, I eat chocolate. Good, fair trade, organic chocolate. Life just isn't the same without it!

Karen Beth

I adore this post. What a lovely thing to think about! Your ideas are great too!

To realize that I live richly, I do any of the following things:

Lie outside with my face turned to the sunshine like a sunflower.
Buy myself flowers or pick myself some flowers.
Give my hair a nice hot oil treatment.
Take a nap.
Send a good friend a parcel of mail filled with fun, frivilous things.
Drink tea in the afternoon.
Call my nephew.
Take a walk and drink in nature.
Read an inspirational entry in a daybook.

So many WONDERFUL things to realize that I live richly! Thanks for bringing this to my awareness. :)


Becky (Yogaglamgirl)

These are delicious! Thank you for your thoughtful responses. I'll have to try them.

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