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May 24, 2007



besides green tea, i think the overall japanese diet is extremely healthy, consisting of rice, fish, seaweed and tofu. so it's not surprising that these guys outlive each of us :)

Karen Beth

So interesting! I never knew that green tea was a diuretic. I just wish that I liked it better. I don't DISlike it but it certainly isn't a favorite. :)


"I’ve been told that I look thinner and my skin is glowing...."

yup...people tell me the same thing every time I get back from South India -- probably because I drink a gallon of water a day because it's so hot! funny how I can never drink that much water here...

thanks for the comments on my blog and thanks for linking me, YGG!


Maryam in Marrakesh

Oh to be thinner and glowing. ~sigh.

ombites (mary)

Japan sounds amazing. Some friends just got back and I have several others going over there in the next month. There was some kind of flight deal from Australia to Japan so a lot of people jumped at the chance. Thanks for sharing :-)

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