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May 22, 2007



oh, Becky. That pic is priceless. I didn't know you were a kickboxing instructor!

Regina Clare Jane

Look how cute you are! Tee hee!
My, you get around!
I'm a big cheese eater, too- I actually like Dutch cheese the best!
I love these kinds of meme's...
Oh, where did you live in PA? I'm from PA!


How could I not know that you were a kickboxing coach!!! Did you do tae bo or full contact?


Glad you guys like the silly pic. I thought it was pretty funny. It was on the sidewalk in Japan 2 and 1/2 weeks ago. Maryam, I taught "Turbokick" classes b/c I loved going to kickboxing class but was frustrated b/c I felt that most instructors didn't know how to really punch or kick. Somehow I figured that my years of Tae Kwon Do made me some kind of expert...which is comical now that I think about it. Regina, I remember that you're from PA (one more of the many many things we have in common)...but I forget what town. I'm originally from Chester County.

Karen Beth

Cheese... one of my favorites too!


you've stayed in spore before? i currently live and teach yoga in malaysia, and make a trip down to spore once a year to shop and hng out with friend there. how did you like spore? were you there on working assignment or something?

Kris Kramer

Cool! I studied Kenpo for years and Kickboxing (with bags) was my favorite workout for at least 3 years!

When Harry Met Sally was a fun love story. How neat that you can personally relate to it.

I'll be spending a week in Black Mountain, NC this summer. Gotta love mountains!!

Did you see/enjoy Spirited Away? I've seen it at least a dozen times.

Last thing, about the cheese. I've read (think it was in Yoga Plus) that cheese in the states can be mucus producing due to the way animals are treated and the pasturization process. Mentioned this to the fellow at the health food store, and he totally agreed, especially with the pasturization process. According to him, when cheese is pasturized it breaks down the enzymes that would other wise help you to digest the cheese. Loving cheese a bit "too" much, I happily bought some organic raw cheese and it was Delicious!!

Take care,

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