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May 28, 2007



Would I prefer to be a weed? Yes. I agree about this comparisson with energy and power and I think in these days you have to be strong.. lika a weed! This only proves how much we can learn from flora and fauna if we want to. Thank you! I liked this post ;)


This is the best post ever. Thanks!


love this! i think about this a lot too while weeding. weeds are all relative! your garden looks beautiful, though. hope you had a great memorial day celebration!

ombites (mary)

This is an interesting post. Weeds over beauty of a garden for a BBQ. I often "clean up" my backyard for a BBQ. Mmm, got me thinking...

Total Health Yoga - Kris

I, too, have trouble weeding and even trimming bushes. To my neighbor's dismay, I don't do much of either. Ever since reading the Celestine Prophecy, years ago, it has been difficult. Redfield, the author,talks about being able to see the aura disturbed when the leaves are taken from a tree and hears it cry out in pain.

It's doubtful that plants have the capacity to feel pain the way animals can, but it still makes me wonder what we do not know.

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