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May 23, 2007



wow, what a wonderful class. it's true, that the teacher is there to help us find the teacher within us, what a beautiful way of putting it. the teacher can make such a difference in the experience of a yoga class.

Karen Beth

Through you, I send light to her too. What a wonderful, amazing person she must be.

Sounds like you had an amazing class. Will you go back again?


What a wonderful entry and this teacher sounds like a genuinely good person with the right intentions in her teaching. We need more like her.


I know. She is incredible. You're right Marilyn, we definitely need more like her. and yes, KB, I definitely plan to go back. :)


yup....no longer teach my classes in "levels". Those labels no longer mean anything to me.

"advancement" in yoga comes from the heart and the mind.

ombites (mary)

What an inspiring post! You are so fortunate to practice with someone like her.

Asia Nelson

As a yoga instructor myself, hearing this kind of feedback about positive experiences with a good teacher makes me happy to my core. Whenever practitioners tell me about a benefit they've experienced from yoga I ask them if they'll write about it to me in an email that I can post on my blog or web site so others can find out what yoga is doing for them. The more we talk about it, the more genuine, truthful ways people can inform themselves about their health options. So thanks for posting this!!

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