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June 20, 2007


ombites (mary)

Hehe..she made some points that made me laugh out loud. I've been blogging for quite a while now but been online forever. Too funny! I've met some really cool people through blogging that I now consider some of my closest friends :-)

One thing I find hard though is getting back and answering EVERYBODY. I just can't physically do it. I try my best though.

Becky (yogaglamgirl)

I hear ya Mary! One of the good points she makes is the fact that good bloggers are literally blogging (or working) 24/7. I have fallen in and out of this mode. But I remind myself that my goal is to be balanced and whole, and that means doing my best and not driving myself crazy or losing myself in the process.


i'm glad you checked out her blog. i think she's fabulous.

i used to respond in comments, but now i usually just send emails in response to comments, not 100% of the time because it's not always necessary, but most of the time. i started emailing people because i realized i don't usually go back to a post to see if the author has responded to my comment in the comments. it's kinda hard to keep track and remember where to go back and check and then check multiple times to see if they've responded. sometimes i want to comment in the comments, but i don't think people will check back to see. hmm. i don't know.

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